Sunday, January 21, 2007

Good Day & Birthday

Ahhhhhh.....a good day for me is completing the rough draft of an essay for English 101, Joe taking the kids away from the house, and soaking in my Lavender Vanilla foam bath......Oh, how I needed that break! Moms gotta take any chance they can get to refueled, don't they?

But, back to Ben's 6th birthday. I thought I would share a few more pics of Ben's special day. Our gift to him was a trip to Build A Bear and dinner at Applebee's. Joe followed that by taking Ben to the Monster Truck show for a guy's day out. ....It's great to be a kid!

Ben "cleaning" his new friend, Cody (a monkey) who was just "brought to life." Cody even makes monkey sounds!

Cody is a very spoiled monkey. He got a Seahawks uniform (complete with helmet and cleats), Superman pajamas, sunglasses and a doctor's uniform. But, doesn't he look happy to be going home with such a nice boy?

Amanda, Melanie, Ben and Cody with his Mariners shirt, denim shorts and Converse (the other outfit he just begged to have)!


What did you say, Dad?

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amy said...

Ok,I think he gets CUTER all the time! Amazing that your baby is 6!