Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Did you know that there are only SEVEN weekends left to shop for Christmas?!! It sounds weird when it's put THAT way, huh?!

I cannot advertise my website on my blog, but I am a personal sales rep for a cosmetics and gift company that starts with an "A." If you are interested in doing some online shopping, please email me through this blog, and I will give you the address. I've already done some online Christmas shopping there myself!

I also found a cool site with neat, educational toys at Whaddaya know - I also did some online shopping there!

I LOVE shopping online, don't you?! It's so convenient, and you don't have to leave the house! One year, I did a lot of shopping at During this time of year, they have a lot of free shipping deals. You can find ANYTHING there!

What was YOUR last online purchase?


the girls' moma said...

Oh my gosh, really? Seven?

This past weekend I did make my first "for Christmas" purchases for the girls. Really, I think I was just using that excuse to justify spending the money. But now I'm quite glad I did it!

Only 7?!?

Organized Chaos said...

I bought Baileigh a Bible's pink and very girly.

Jodi said...


M: I bought everybody Bibles two years ago. I got Amanda a pretty brown and pink one, and I got Mel a green and pink one :) They're the little slim ones, so the girls can keep them in their purses....