Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Music

My family and I are crazy about Christmas. Before Halloween, there was a radio station that played Christmas music for a day. I told Amanda, and she freaked. We listened to it all day. Another radio station has been playing it everyday since November 1st. I love it, but my husband is not quite ready to get into the Christmas spirit. :) He tried to change the station yesterday! I called him a Grinch. Me? I'm ready. I like Christmas to last as LONG as possible....

We got a fake Christmas tree two years ago. That means we can put up our tree early and leave it up as long as we want. This year, we're putting it up the day after Thanksgiving - I can't wait!!

We're also going to go to a live Nativity again this year, as well as our church's Christmas Eve services (my absolute favorite).

But, back to the music....I don't know if I have a favorite Christmas song. The song "Breath of Heaven" comes to mind, as does "Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire."

Are YOU listenening to Christmas music already? What's your favorite song?


the girls' moma said...

I force myself to wait until after Thanksgiving. I get too excited otherwise and forget about Thanksgiving!

As for my favorite Christmas music, I love "O Holy Night" and "What Child Is This?" Both of those songs send me into a whirlwind of gratitude every time I hear them.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Joe, I'm not ready for the music yet and I'm not in the spirit yet. The whole Christmas thing starts WAY too soon. I wouldn't mind the religous Christmas starting a little soon but the comercialized stuff is over the top.

From a musicians standpoint, I always disliked doing Carols for P/W because they are so difficult to play for guitar and drums.