Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ultrasound Update

I have started taking some initial steps to my application for the ultrasound program. I had my official transcript sent over to the school, even though I'm not finished with my psych class (I'll just send that grade over when I'm finished). Then, I sent in the transcript evaluation form, to request that the program evaluate all of my prereqs.

Each of my prereqs grades counts as points. A 4.0 equals 4 points, etc. I can also earn points through completing volunteering and observation hours. And so, last week I set up a few "job shadow" opportunities. The first one I will be doing will be at an imaging center. I have to dress professionally and bring my lab coat. I get to spend several hours there! My second opportunity is actually at my own endocrinologist's office. At my last thyroid checkup, I asked him if I could observe some thyroid ultrasounds there, and it has been approved! I will have the chance to spend about 6 hours there and see some biopsies as well (if the patients give permission). Coool! My final observation will be at the hospital. I am excited for the variety of ultrasounds I might get to see there. I'm just happy that I get to experience such different settings. I think I might get a good idea about where I might like to work eventually!

I can't believe I am so close to getting into the program. The deadline for submitting my package is July 1st, and I will find out in August if I am accepted. I really hope that the combination of my good grades and the extra points I'm getting will be enough. If not, I plan to finish my associate's degree (I only have four classes left), and continue to volunteer in a medical setting. Perhaps I can accrue a lot more points toward being accepted the following year. We'll see. Like I've said before, I keep telling the Lord that this would be a great time to redirect my path if He is going to do so! :)


Chelle said...

Very cool! I know you will have fun at the job shadowing. Hooray! Will be praying for you :)

Jodi said...

Thanks! :)