Wednesday, May 14, 2008

AWANA Derby Car Races 2008

Ben had his first AWANA Derby Car Race. Each child purchased a kit with a block of wood they could design a car with. Ben and Joe shaped the car with the scroll saw and sanded it. Then, Ben and I painted it together. He wanted to paint it like Lightning McQueen, so it has eyes and a mouth with a tongue sticking out.

He was so proud of his car!

When we arrived at 9 AM, it was all hustle and bustle, with kids getting their cars weighed and weights added to them. Each car had to weigh 5 ounces, had certain measurements and the same wheels. The only differences were design, really.

Here's the ramp, set up in the middle of the church where AWANA is held. The ramp could hold four cars to race at once. At the bottom, was a digital reader that showed the times for each car. Each child sat at the bottom of the ramp and watched their car race.

Here's Ben and Melanie setting up Ben's car for his test run.

Ben didn't win any prizes this time around, which made him a little sad. I explained that this was only our first time, and next year we would know what things we could improve upon. Melanie and I decided we were going to enter the "open class" for family members next year. I'm going to make a car that looks like a piece of cheese with a mouse on top, I think! :)

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