Friday, May 29, 2009

Yes I'm Still Here

I am still here. Here's what I've been doing:

Going to school Monday through Friday
Going to school on Saturdays to practice scanning and complete projects
Going to Ben's baseball games
Attending end-of-year school concerts and youth symphony concert
Mailing graduation announcements
Buying flowers to pretty up the yard for upcoming graduation open house
Applying for scholarships for myself for next year
Going to the hospital once a week for my clinical time
Making sure Amanda's college paperwork is done and mailed off
Thinking about when I could possibly get my hair done
Thinking about how I am going to pull off said graduation open house
Going to AWANA derby car race
Going to AWANA awards night - Ben got Sparky of the year!
Checking my Facebook before I go to bed
Studying before I fall asleep
Studying in my sleep
Thinking about what it will be like to have my didactics done and start clinicals full time in about THREE WEEKS!!!

Yeah. That's the short list.


Elle J said...

Keep up the hard work, Jodi!! You are so close!! :)

Anonymous said...

I get it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jodi, did you see on TV the other day that someone built a life size replica of the young woman with the cooking show (who is quite popular these days) with Legos? It was cool. You would've loved it. How are things going with your husband and the cut in pay?

Tom Becker

the girls' moma said...

Wow, wow, wow Jodi! I am so impressed -- keep it together, girl! You're so close now!