Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spider Man

I walked downstairs tonight and Ben was arranging pillows and other items on the floor. He said he was building an obstacle course. He was also wearing only his Spider-Man underwear. I asked him, "How come you're only wearing undies?"

His response: "That's how I roll, Mom. That's how I roll."


Elle J said...

Too funny! Isn't it great the way young boys can come up with the quickest and funniest one liners? We've had our fair share of laughs over here too! :)

Shannon said...

You gotta love those boys. They are so hilarious withough even trying. I bet you're house has got to be the funniest house of all though. I know your children's father, and their mother seems to "roll" with it all very well : ). XO

Jodi said...

I agree. Boys are AWESOME.