Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas #3 in Port Angeles

It's always fun to drag out Christmas as long as possible. This past weekend, we visited my mom, her husband and my brother in Port Angeles for Christmas #3. They still had quite a bit of snow, and then it decided to snow again the night we got there. Needless to say, the kids were excited and we stayed an extra night. I took the kids to see where my mom works as well as a visit to Swain's, the local "general store," that I used to frequent as a kid when I visited my Nana and Pa in Port Angeles.

Speaking of Pa, the picture below is my 93-year-old grandfather at his friend's house. The house my mom now lives in is the house my Nana and Pa used to own. It's kind of funny that I grew up visiting them in that house, and now my kids visit my mom there.....

Here is my mom with Amanda and Melanie...

I took the kids to a sledding hill at the Hurricane Ridge information center. Ben turned out to be an awesome snowboarder!

I took the girls to "Bella Italia," which is the restaurant where Bella and Edward had their first date in the story, "Twilight."

All in all, we had a great time hanging out at my mom's house, watching episodes of The Office, laughing at the kids sledding down their long driveway and exchanging gifts.


Anonymous said...

Cool pictures and story.


Jenn said...

I can't believe that thoes girls got so excited about that Bella place! It's all over their facebook. You're the best mom ever!