Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Adventure

After two days in a row of flights cancelled into Seattle, we are back at Joe's parents in Arizona. The airline is saying we might be able to get home on Christmas Eve morning, but I'm not going to get my hopes up too much because the weather is still bad there. It was a sad thought that we might not be waking up in our own home on Christmas morning to open presents. Amanda and Ben were teary, and I was fighting mine back for their sake. Melanie is happy-go-lucky, and is perfectly happy coming back to Nana and Papa's. I told the kids that whenever we get back, we'll still have our Christmas. I tried to keep them cheered up, and asked each of them if they would like to know what one of their presents are. They thought it was pretty funny, so I told them each one present. Their dad was down at the ticket counter, so I told them it was our secret, and not to tell dad that they knew. :)
I enjoyed the lifted expressions I saw on their faces, and decided to make sure we continue to have fun as long as we're here.

When Papa and Nana came back to the airport to get us, I encouraged the kids to pretend that we were just getting to AZ, and to act like we were just seeing them for the first time. They had fun with that, too.

I told Joe that we should just continue to enjoy the kids and spend time with them just like we would have done at home. The bonus is the wonderful sunshine here, that we can also enjoy! Today, I am taking the girls to see a movie while Joe takes Ben to play at the park. Papa and Nana have a golf cart, and Ben just LOVES taking it out for a ride. Papa even lets him drive. Papa and Nana also have a little Lhasa Apso named Toby who is fun for Ben and all of us. I'm getting to miss my kitty and doggy, though!

Diego is hanging out at the kennel, so he will be taken care of. Our neighbors are taking care of Macy, too......We're doing laundry at Nana and Papa's today, since we ran out of undies! We'll probably get some groceries to help out, since they weren't expecting us to be here this long.....All in all, it's all working out, and we're thankful we're not stranded in an airport like many people are right now. We got to come back to Papa and Nana's, we're all together safe and everybody's OK.

As one blogger reminded me, this time of year is about "Christ"mas. It's about Jesus. And, like I told the kids: the Lord wasn't surprised about what is happening. He knew this was going to take place, and He will take care of us. Everything will be OK.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas. I hope you guys were able to get home for Christmas.

Have a great time.