Saturday, December 27, 2008


Papa and Nana's house!

Papa and Nana at the park

Christmas Cacti singing "O Holy Night"

Desert beauties

Kids enjoying the sun....

Our first night in Arizona - Christmas dinner!

Present time!

Mom took a nap in the sunshine. Ahhhhhh....

The kids took a ride to the community center. The neighborhood Papa and Nana live in is part of a master planned community with lots of amenities.....

The kids at the neighborhood park. Ben begged Papa to drive him over in the golf cart to to play. :)

The kids at a prehistoric ruins site called "Casa Grande."

Ben in his "room" (Nana and Papa's walk-in closet) with Toby

The fam on Papa's golf cart again - probably the highlight for Ben. Mel even got to drive it!

What we came home to - a Christmas we won't forget!!

BBQ anyone?

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