Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My New Favorite Sandwich

When I have excellent food, it is impressed on my memory. I do not forget awesome food. Sometimes I will just think about some memorable food, and re-experience it all over again (without eating it, of course). I enjoy the experience of eating, which means I eat slowly (which some people find the need to bring to my attention. I already know this, however, and I am proud of it - so there) :)

My favorite food is Italian. The other day, Joe and I went on a lunch date to a great little, authentic Italian cafe in Sumner. It's called Sorci's. It was sunny, so we even ate outside. This is a luxury in and of itself in our part of the country! My delicious sandwich was a grilled panini. It had three slices of tomato, big slices of mozarella and pesto spread on each piece of bread. This is my new favorite sandwich.

I will think about this sandwich for awhile.....


Carrington Hills said...

my favorite food is indian food. I love the oven bread and anything curry. Man just thinking about it makes me feel so hungry.

I also love seafood.

Jodi said...

I love seafood, too, especially the salmon they make at Famous Dave's. I could think about that for awhile, too. :)