Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Things to pray for...

I thought maybe it might be nice to post some things I would like prayer for - just in case you're a "pray-er" reading this site! :) I would appreciate those prayers - and then maybe I'll post answers....Anyway, one thing I would love prayer for is, that Joe to receives a job he has a bid in for. He is bidding for what's called a "lead" position, so it is a promotion. Yes, it would mean more money, which we could sure use. We were basically not going to have an increase in income until I graduate from school and get my job. It's been tighter with the loss of income after his retirement....God has blessed us with some overtime he has been able to get at work, but that isn't income that can always be counted on. And, it just seems like the more our kids get older, the more expensive they get! Their clothes cost more, their activities cost more, etc.! Not to mention Amanda getting her license soon (she has her permit). And what's up with everything in this world going up in price? Gasoline, utilities.....fruit, even? Ugh...So, this job would be nice for us...Pray that he gets it!

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