Friday, June 19, 2009

The Scoop

My week off is coming to an end. I am feeling really relieved and proud to have finished one year of the ultrasound program! I received a 93% or above for each of my classes, and I give all the glory to God for providing me with this success. I am also feeling a little anxious and excited to start full-time clinicals on Monday. I wonder how our family is going to adjust and how I'm going to do with more expectations placed on me by the sonographers. I've been reviewing a lot of information during my break, so I will be ready. I will take my physics registry exam next month, which will give me half the title of a sonographer. :) After my year in clinicals, I will take my Abdomen and OB/Gyn exams which will allow me to put an "RDMS" (Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer) after my name. Woo Hoo!

Joe got "bumped" out of his position at work, which means crappy hours and less pay. We're trusting the Lord that He has some sort of great plan for this, because it really appears to suck at this point. But, knowing how God works sometimes, we are believing that He has only good in mind. Well, its what the Bible says and I believe it. Anyway, I know He will help us and will provide for Amanda who will be heading off to CWU in the Fall, etc. Joe is praying that this "bump" is temporary, and he may be able to get his spot back very soon.

Amanda is looking for a job right now to save money for school. She needs a few thousand dollars, so I'm praying she gets one FAST. We're throwing her a graduation "open house" next weekend, so I spent the week gathering items for the party.

Melanie and Ben had their last day of school today. Mel is now a junior and Ben is now a third grader! Melanie will be helping us out with Ben a few hours a day in between Joe leaving for work, and me getting home.

Joe bought an old Honda Accord from a guy at work. Its actually going to save us money to own it - less gas money, and less miles on the Explorer. I can take our Kia to my clinical site, while Joe takes the Honda to his work. The name of the game right now, is being as frugal as possible while we ride out this cut in pay.

So, that's the scoop for now. Working hard, watching our pennies and trusting the Lord.

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praying for you.