Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Hate WinCo

I went to a newer grocery store in our area to see if they had good deals. It's called WinCo. It's a bare bones, zero frills, warehouse-type, grocery store.

Well, I thought the deals were fairly good on most things. They were missing some items that I typically buy, and the produce wasn't so hot. However, I seemed to pack my cart to the brim and overflowing, anyway.

Then, I realized I had to bag my own groceries.

I am not fast at this, which made the two ladies behind me annoyed. I just tried to keep going and not worry about them. Then, they kept trying to push my cart into me, and almost squished my toes, which were exposed in flip-flops. Then, they were like: "Can you move your cart?" Then, they took a hold of my cart and tried to move it (which there was nowhere for it to go in the first place), while I'm trying to bag my tons of stuff.

While I wanted to clock her and spew profanity, my self-control kicked in. I pasted on a smile and said in a very sing-songy, kindergarten-teacher-like voice: "I'm still trying to bag my groceries, and I'm doing the best I can."

They managed just fine to get past me with their cart, but as they were walking past, one of the ladies thought it necessary to give me some unsolicited advice: "I usually put my cart at the end when I bag."

Oooohoooo......She was so lucky I possessed one of the fruit of the Spirit at that moment.....I never made eye contact with her, nor did I respond to her comment. I just went right on bagging.

I also vowed to never shop at WinCo again.


Rochelle said...

Wow - that sounds terrible! My mom loves WinCo - for the prices, that is. I love the Walmart Supercenter for the same reason (okay - it's t he only reason). But I didn't go there as a crippled person! :-) The whole broken toe/sprained foot thing made me waaaay to slow. Try it again when you're better. Better yet, bring your older kids!

Gigantopithecus said...

Actually, as a long time Winco shopper, it is expected for you to put your cart on the end of the checkstand and they usually put up little placards on the checkstands explaining this. Still,that is no reason to be rude to someone who does not know this. How was the rest of your experience? did you save a lot of $? Were the checkers nice? We as a family would not shop anywhere else.

Jodi said...

I don't think I saved enough money to put up with the experience again.....

And, I don't shop with my kids. Also not worth it....

My favorite grocery store is TOP Foods. Best produce. Great prices. They bag my groceries AND take them out to my car. PLUS, I can do my banking there. :)

Chelle said...

You handled that better than I would have. Kudos.

I wouldn't go back either. Rude people....ick.

Anonymous said...

I work at WinCo. I am amazed how lazy people are. "Bag my own groceries, are you kidding me?".
Sometimes I just want to scream at people, "Would you like me to bag your groceries for you, take them to your car, go home with you and unpack them?". As for your cart being in the way, you do realize you are not the only person in the store, right? Stop being so self centered and be aware that maybe YOU are being the rude one. Move your damn cart out of everyones way. Stop acting like a little princess and grow up!